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London Lodge -

       Bringing the fresh country living into the

                lives of those we love in their time of need.

About London Lodge


London Lodge I is a class A facility, all eight residents must be physically and mentally capable of evacuating in case of an emergency. London Lodge II is a class C facility equipped with a sprinkler system, residents do not need to be able to evacuate independently in this home.  London Lodge serves individuals of advanced age, those with memory impairments and physical disabilities. London Lodge I serves individuals with mild dementia. London Lodge II serves individuals with mild to severe dementia.  Both homes are able to care for residets who are ambulatory, semi-ambulatory and non-ambulatory. 


The primary goal at London Lodge is to provide a home-like atomosphere.  Each resident has a private room and is encouraged to bring funiture and fixtures from home.  However, if such items are not available London Lodge will accommodate with necessary items.  Each home offers common areas, shared bathrooms, kitchen, dining area and laundry facilities.  Our goal is to encourage as much independence as possible with activities of daily living while supporting in areas of need. London Lodge resident care specialists provide the following services; medication management, housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, assistance with activities of daily living, leisure time activities, and contact with family and community.   


Respite care if available in both London Lodge I and II. The daily rate is determined based on level of care and length of stay.  All of the services listed above are available to individuals receiving respite care. 

London Lodge-Supported Home Care Apartments, provides care to those who do not require 24 hour supervision.  This building is located in Jefferson, across the street from the Jefferson County Fair Grounds.  The administrator works with clients to determine a care plan that supports personal care needs, socialization, housekeeping, shopping, transportation to medical appointments and medication management.  Care and supervision is provided based on these individual needs in increments of time necessary for their completion.

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